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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

傳統炖燕窩湯 Traditional Bird's Nest Soup - Josephine's Recipes Episode 25

Bird's nest soup - It is good for your skin and health and will keep you looking young.

Cook Time: 3 hours

2 ounces bird's nest
rock sugar, to taste
ginseng slices
4 cups water

1) In a bowl, add the bird's nest and clean water, soak for overnight.
Remove the black spot and pick out any loose feathers.

2) Use a slow cooker or double boiler to cook the bird's nest for about 3 hours.
In a casserole, add clean bird's nest, water, and ginseng slices. before serving, add rock sugar to taste.
You can use red dates instead of the ginseng slices, or even without them. The taste of the bird's nest soup are heavenly, sweet, chewy textures, and smell like egg whites. It can be served both hot and cold.

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