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Monday 25 November 2013

We won a trip to Seoul, Korea 韓國美食之旅 Korea Trip Episode 5

Day 5:
Seoul Tower / Namsan Park
Fresh potato chips snacks
Love everyday life

Dumpling yaki
Vegetarian noodle soup

Afternoon tea
Hot cappuccino

An Interview with Ceo Producer
Our tour Leader - Youzin and his translator - Lin Hu

Shopping (Hyundai department)
Taxi to airport and see fireworks say good bye to us.

It's our first time in Korea. It's been great being in Seoul, so many awesome memories.
Thank you very much, Visit Seoul Government, and All the team make our dream became reality.
We were so excited but tired at the same time. We had a lot of fun when we were together. We are enjoying each process, it is always a great feeling. Never forget, always remember the laughs that we shared. The dreams that we had.Thank you all so much for your support, your encouragement, and your love. we're so glad, we had the opportunity to experience Korean culture and food. By the way, I love my life here and I've experienced so much in this short period of time. I'm seriously in love with Korea and I feel like I already miss Korea so much! Happiness isn't getting all you want. It's enjoying all you have.

Why am I Snoring? I never did before.
Maybe I don't sleep all night in the flight and feeling so tired, so when be back home take a good rest and snore.

We won a trip to Seoul, Korea 韓國美食之旅 Korea Trip Episode 4

Introducing Our Unforgettable Travel Story: Seoul
The Gourmet is the flavour of happiness in our memory. ''I love Korean Cuisine''. Great place to walk in Seoul. There is quite a lot of interesting thing's, It is all around, if you just look for it.
2013 Delicious Seoul Story Gourment Tour, We're so excited to won A dream holiday to Seoul.

Day 4:
The next morning we woke up and seemed more nervous than ever. Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the Finals of 'Global Seoul Fusion Korean Food Audition' in Seoul City Hall). To be honest, at first, I don't think we have a chance of winning. but we must try our best to received the best result and we finally won a grand prize. we're so proud of the great achievements we have made this. When we saw the announcement, we just ''wow'' its fantastic, just like in a beautiful  dream. that's really incredible, this make us truly thankful, and it meant a lot to us. I'm truly grateful to have Paul in my life.This is a fantastic cooking contest and wonderful opportunity to visit Seoul with these five wonderful finalists and all the team.We really enjoyed the whole experience. It was a great pleasure of meeting you guys and never forget you all have a great manner. Hope we can meet again next time! Seoul traditional culture is a special place where we can appreciated it very much.

What did you eat for lunch today?
We enjoyed our lunch ''Bibimbap is one of Korea's most well-known dishes. It is a dish that is very much in line with the overall Korean food philosophy, as it is both delicious and nutritious.'' A lot of street vendors are selling dried squid in the streets, and we tried this grilled dried squid snack. It's not bad! We walk and see around. Oh, I love coffee, so we had a cup of coffee together. Afternoon Snack time, We all enjoyed the beers so much and Cheers up! Wow loved our dinner. Now, Korean BBQ is one of our favourite Korean foods. it tastes absolutely delicious!

Next Chapter Seoul Tower, Good bye Seoul

Friday 22 November 2013

How To Make Korean Seafoods Pancake 韓式海鮮煎餅 : Panjeon 韓國美食之旅 Korea Trip Episode 3

Day 3:
I love having my cup of tea in the morning. we had our breakfast every morning in the Seoul sunshine hotel restaurant. Everything else you want to buy, just walk to opposite the hotel is 7 eleven convenient store. there are a lot of things you can buy, like ice cream,  dried squid seafood snacks and What is your favourite juice? Mine is orange juice I also like grape juice. both are tastes so good and rich in vitamin C. A traditional market city tour bus where we get on at Dongdaemoon DDP, We enjoyed some wonderful views from the bus, then off at Myeongdong an outside visit for our great lunch (Bulgogi set meal). I absolutely love this dishes and have become one of my favourite.

Insa-dong Street is one of the most memorable attractions in Seoul and represents the focal point of Korean traditional culture, crafts and art boutiques. The best part of travel to a new place, all that street food looks delicious and smells good. In the end, we spent two hours there! From what we could see, there were lots of Korean souvenirs shops.

Korean Kitchen is a cultural cooking show on public television with delicious ways to make traditional and fusion recipes with Korean celebrity chef  Sinhyoseop (신효섭).

Pajeon is a Korean's all time traditional food, especially popular on a rainy day. Pajeon is a fried dough made of flour, vegetables and seafood. Its way of cooking is comparable to that of pizzas or pancakes. You can make and taste pajeon yourself at Seoul traditional culture.

How to make Korean Seafood Pancake, Original Recipe by The Korean Fusion cooking class - chef Sinhyoseop (신효섭).

2 cups (Korean pancake powder) or Plain Flour
2 cups of Cold water
1 Egg
1 Cup of Seafood (squid, shrimp, mussels, oysters)
13 Spring onion
1 (Small) Onion
1 Red chili pepper
1 Green chili pepper
1/4 cup (65ml) Vegetable oil

For dipping sauce:
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp sesame oil
½ tbsp sesame seeds
1/2 tbsp vinegar
1/2 red / 1/2 green chili

1) Wash and thinly slices onion, red and green chili and separated into the bowl.

2) In a large bowl, 2 cups of flour, and 2 cups of water. whisk until the batter is smooth. (Wait a few more minutes before cook)

3) Wash all seafood in light salt water, rinse and drain. Slice the body of the squid.

4) Wash spring onion, cut off the root. Sprinkle flour and mix well.

5) Pre-heat the pan with more oil on high heat. Pour half of the batter into it and quickly cook on high heat until golden brown. Then add the seafood, and onion. After then, switch to medium heat, add spring onion, keep patting, pressing it slightly, and keeping it in a nice shape with your spatula. Pour another half batter, and add red and green chili, add whisking egg and pour on top, cook for another 15 minutes. All the cooking time is 30 minutes and preparation is about 15 minutes.

Preparation and Cooking time: (45minutes)
Remove from the pan and place in a serving plate. Serve hot with sauce and enjoy! 
Now, we've got the perfect healthy breakfast for you guys.

1) Rice Porridge
2) Korean seafood pancake with (diy dipping sauce)

Here is one video from his TV show:

Next, The coach takes us to ''Mangwon market'' prepare the food ingredients for final contest.
( Taepyeong hall in Seoul city hall) We had amazing Korean Barbecue in Seoul for dinner that night.
and enjoy a drink with grilled pork belly, and beef. The sweet and juicy keep us want to coming back again. it's also a lot of fun as you get to cook all your meat on a grill. You basically order your cut of fresh meat, grill is right on your own table and assemble your own Korean wraps of meat that consist of lettuce leaves, garlic, chillies, chili paste, Kim chi and of course the grilled meat.

Next Chapter Final Contest

We won a trip to Seoul, Korea 韓國美食之旅 Korea Trip Episode 2


2013 Delicious Seoul Story Gourment Tour
We're so excited to won A dream holiday to Seoul.

Day 2:
Outfit of the day roses black and red. This dress is possibly one of my favourite ever. Good morning everyone, it really inspired me and I've been eating porridge for breakfast and I love the steamed dumplings with a sweet soy sauce for dipping, so delish!

Gyeongbokgung Palace must be one of your 'must visit' list of places in Seoul. Ever since its completion 1394, ''the place of shining happiness'' has been a focal point of the city.

Gyeongbokgung Palace must be one of our 'must visit' list of places in Seoul. We all jump together and Super excited. Its halls and pavilions are superb examples of Buddhist decoration, and the museums are among the best in the land. give yourself time as this place is huge It's heavily guarded and interesting to see.

Bukchon Hanok is a traditional Korean village. You can also rest your feet in a traditional tea shop and enjoy various drinks and eat snacks, experience the traditional Korean style. Delicious pomegranate fruit drink, to me it has a taste it's own. Kind of sweet kind of sour and spicy. But it has a very pleasing taste.

Korean Rice Wine / Fresh Tofu and Kimchi. It's good to experiment in Korean traditional way. Kimchi making class, will learn from the master all about making your own delicious healthy fermented and it's good to eat! Kimchi is also famous for its cancer preventing effects. We're so happy can make and taste our first Kimchi.

Hanbok Korean Traditional Dress is a place I want to go during this tour. Loving the style, the bigger and heavier the wigs were, the more elegant they were! It's the best place to enjoy traditional cultural experience.

Korean Yido Pottery has been admired since the time of the Three kingdoms and is popular to this day. Located just north of the main Insadong area, are superb places for pottery shopping.

Samgyetang -- Korean Ginseng Chicken soup
There is a strong belief in Korea that the body's energy must be replenished during the hot months of summer. The healthy taste of nature, is a great motivator, good for rejuvenating tired bodies.

After Shopping for 2 hours long, returns to find our coach and visit Seoul's most famous attractions, we wrote message and locking down our love in Namsan park and tower. Love Locks at N-Seoul Tower, NamSan Tower in Korea.

We had a authentic Thai food, the best international dinner, fantastic meals, great service. since they had good ratings. We really enjoyed our night and this area is so romantic! We all cheers with a good wine! Pleasure of good taste. Mmmmmm....

Next Chapter Insadong Street Tour /신효섭 Chef Hyosup Shin's Ins Kitchen

Tuesday 19 November 2013

We won a trip to Seoul, Korea 韓國美食之旅 Korea Trip Episode 1

The Gourmet is the flavour of happiness in our memories. Great place to walk in Seoul. There is quite a lot of interesting thing's, It is all around, if you just look for it. 2013 Delicious Seoul Story Gourment Tour We're so excited to won A dream holiday to Seoul.

Day 1: 
We arrived at the airport in Seoul and we first met Youzin, Hua, the videographer and Ivan,
The coach takes us to hotel check in Seoul Story Gourmet Tour - Nov. 5th (Tues.) ~ Nov. 8th (Sat.) -  Four Nights Hotel Stays - Nov.9th (Sun.) Airport - Nov.10th (Mon)

Sanneri is Korean traditional restaurant serves meals with various kinds of side dishes. we had been invited to welcome dinner by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

We thanks for giving everyone opportunity to introduce ourselves and cheers to ''Tuesday''
Let's drink wine and enjoy! What a wonderful night it was. The food was so delicious, and we kept saying ''yummy'' every time we tasted another bite and looks absolutely fabulous. We can't say, everything was exactly as we imagined but hundred times better, exactly same as in Korean drama. After the meal, we have received a welcome gifts, all stand and say thank you and good night.Yay, we went to the Seoul Lantern festival 2013 at the Cheonggyecheon.We saw hundred of colourful lanterns, each with an unique design and story. We have had a lot of fun together and there is no reason not to started taking more photos in this beautiful night. I love Korea! Next Chapter Visit Gyeongbokgung, Korean traditional dress, Kimchi experience & Traditional Tea

 This is our entry for Seoul, My New Recipe Korean Food Audition and Won a trip to Seoul


Monday 11 November 2013

Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the Finals of Global Seoul Fusion Korean Food Audition in Seoul City Hall - Citizen Hall - Taepyeong Hall (B-2nd floor)


Content of the Final: The selected 5 teams (2 people), will be cooking the dish with the theme of  Fusion Korean Food that they have shown in the video and will be cooking one more dish that. Seoul designates them to cook. Kim, Sung Won from Gag Concert (famous comedy program) will be the main host and will also be providing the quiz with various gifts for the audience. Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the Finals of Global Seoul Fusion Korean Food Audition in Seoul City Hall - Citizen Hall - Taepyeong Hall (B - 2nd Floor)         



가지각색의 요리들...'글로벌 서울 퓨전 한식 오디션 2013 글로벌 서울 퓨전한식 오디션이 오늘 서울시청 지하 시민청에서 열렸다. 외국인 참가자들은 자기 나 라 요리 스타일과 한식을 접목시켜 캐리비안스타일의 양념통닭과모로코 스타일의 비빔밥 등 다양한 요리를 선보인 현장을 찾아가 본다.


2013 Global Seoul Fusion Korean Food Audition Grand Prize

파란눈의 대장금을 찾아라!

‘2013 글로벌 서울 퓨전한식 오디션’ 최종 경연대회 현장 속으로
시민기자 이나미 | 2013.11.11
지정과제 파전을 파프리카를 활용해 새로운 파전 스타일을 요리한 미국과 모로코 팀도 있었다.
현장에서 경연자들의 요리과정을 지켜보던 신효섭 셰프는 "경연자들이 연습을 많이 했다는 게 느껴질 정도로, 역량이 일취월장해져서 놀라웠다"며, "특히 지정메뉴인 파전의 경우 이해력은 물론 본인만의 스타일대로 재해석하여, 새로운 형식의 파전이 나올 것 같아 기대된다"고 밝혔다.
경연 심사를 맡은 이종임 학장(수리조리제과 전문학교)은 "파전은 한국인에게도 쉽지 않은 요리인데 참여자들의 아이디어가 돋보였다. 이를테면 파프리카 속에 파전 내용물을 넣은 것과 마늘과 양파를 기름에 볶아 고소한 맛을 밑에다 베이스로 깐 파전도 맛이 좋았다. 다들 우리가 생각지 못한 아이디어를 보여주어서 좋았다"고 평했다.
이렇게 치열한 경합 끝에, 최종우승자는 퓨전삼계탕을 만든 말레이시아팀에게 돌아갔다. 외국인들을 대상으로 한 경연대회는 이렇게 지리와 역사가 서로 다른 나라일지라도 '퓨전'음식을 통해 조화가 가능하다는 의미를 보여준 자리였다.
이날 최종 우승팀으로 선정된 말레이시아 팀의 요리 퓨전삼계탕
한편, '2013 글로벌 서울 퓨전한식 오디션'은 서울시가 세 번째로 개최한 행사다. 서울시 관광사업과에 따르면 올해(23개국 117개팀) 동영상 접수는 작년(27개국 89개팀)보다 참가율이 높았으며, 참가팀만 참여했던 이전 대회와 달리, 올해는 참관 희망자를 접수하여 모두에게 열린 행사로 발전시켰다.
서울시 관광사업과는 "이번 행사를 통해 우리 한식에 대한 세계인들의 관심과 열정을 확인할 수 있었다"며, "이태원 세계 음식문화의 거리, 동대문 야시장 거리음식 체험, 노량진 수산시장 방문 등의 다양한 일정으로 매력적인 관광도시 서울과 한국의 먹거리를 알려 외국인이 서울을 방문하는 계기로 발전할 수 있길 바란다"고 밝혔다.
음식을 통해 조화가 가능하다는 의미를 보여준 2013 서울 글로벌 퓨전한식 오디션

■ 수상자 인터뷰 – 웡 번 부(WONG VUN BOO), 소 신 완(SO SHIN WAN) (말레이시아) 
경연 참가자들 중 유일한 부부인 이들은 중국계 말레이시아인으로 현재 영국에서 테이크아웃 레스토랑을 운영하고 있다. 가장 처음 먹어 본 한국요리가 '신라면'이고, 가장 좋아하는 한국 드라마는 '대장금'이라고 밝힌 그들은 특히 한국의 한복만큼 아름다운 의상이 없다고 극찬하였다. 발표 후에도 수상 감격에 벅차있었던 이들을 만나보았다.

경연 참가객들에게 우승 축하 박수를 받는 중국계 말레이시아인 웡 번 부(WONG VUN BOO, 남), 소 신 완(SO SHIN WAN, 여) 부부

Q. 경연요리가 완성 된 뒤 대기실에서 기분이 어땠는지? 
A. 웡 번 부: 평소 실력의 70~80%만 발휘된 것 같아 아쉽다. 또 중간중간 재료손질과 인터뷰까지 소화하느라 퓨전삼계탕 육수가 줄어가고 있는 걸 신경 쓰지 못했다. 꼼꼼하게 챙기지 못한 게 지금까지도 아쉽다. 

Q. 이번 경연을 위해 얼마나 준비했는가?
A. 웡 번 부 : 2주 전부터 하루도 빠지지 않고 매일 연습했다. 경연시간에 최대한 완성도 높은 요리를 완성할 대안으로 우리는 압력솥을 생각했고 이것으로 연습했지만, 실제 경연장엔 압력솥이 준비되지 않아 우리가 예상한 20분보다 작업이 더 걸렸고, 시간배분도 어려웠다. 

Q. 수상소감을 듣고 싶다 
A. 웡 번 부 : 생각조차 못했다. 최종 결승과 서울미식투어에 참가한 것 자체가 영광이었다. 요리를 진심으로 하면 사람의 마음을 얻을 것이란 생각에 정말 진심을 다해서 임한 것이 좋은 결과로 돌아온 것 같다. 

Q. 퓨전삼계탕에 옥수수와 무를 넣은 게 독특했다. 어떻게 그런 아이디어가 떠올랐는가?
A. 소 신 완 : 옥수수의 단맛과 삼계탕의 감칠맛이 섞인 새로운 맛을 시도해보고 싶었다. 퓨전삼계탕의 경우, 한국인들의 입맛은 물론 세계인의 입맛에 맞는 음식으로 완성하고 싶었다. 그래서 생각해낸 것이 호주에서만 자라는 무와 찰옥수수를 넣어 기존 한국의 삼계탕과는 다른 맛을 보여주려고 했다.

Q. 서울 미식투어 중 인상 깊었던 것은? 
A. 소 신 완 : 북촌한옥마을에서 전통체험을 하면서 한복을 입어봤는데, 평소 즐겨봤던 드라마 대장금에서 배우들이 한복을 입고 요리하는 모습이 너무 인상 깊었다. 이 때문에 나 역시 꼭 한복을 입고 요리를 하겠다는 꿈을 꿨었다. 그 꿈을 드디어 서울에서 체험하여 너무 행복했다.

Q. 서울에 와서 한국요리를 배워본 소감은? 
A. 소 신 완 : 한국요리는 조금씩 손질할 것이 많아 시간배분이 어려웠다. 조리과정에서 인내심과 시간배분의 중요성을 배웠다. 밑반찬 가지 수가 많은 점도 그렇고, 여러 음식이 모여 한 데 조화를 이루는 한국음식은 정말 아름답다고 생각한다.

Q. 앞으로 계획이 있다면?
A. 웡 번 부, 소 신 완 : 앞으로 꿈은 세계 일주를 하는 것이고, 2년 뒤 영국 런던에서 우리만의 식당을 운영하는 것이다. 또 더 많은 한국음식을 접하고 싶다.

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