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Friday, 22 November 2013

We won a trip to Seoul, Korea 韓國美食之旅 Korea Trip Episode 2


2013 Delicious Seoul Story Gourment Tour
We're so excited to won A dream holiday to Seoul.

Day 2:
Outfit of the day roses black and red. This dress is possibly one of my favourite ever. Good morning everyone, it really inspired me and I've been eating porridge for breakfast and I love the steamed dumplings with a sweet soy sauce for dipping, so delish!

Gyeongbokgung Palace must be one of your 'must visit' list of places in Seoul. Ever since its completion 1394, ''the place of shining happiness'' has been a focal point of the city.

Gyeongbokgung Palace must be one of our 'must visit' list of places in Seoul. We all jump together and Super excited. Its halls and pavilions are superb examples of Buddhist decoration, and the museums are among the best in the land. give yourself time as this place is huge It's heavily guarded and interesting to see.

Bukchon Hanok is a traditional Korean village. You can also rest your feet in a traditional tea shop and enjoy various drinks and eat snacks, experience the traditional Korean style. Delicious pomegranate fruit drink, to me it has a taste it's own. Kind of sweet kind of sour and spicy. But it has a very pleasing taste.

Korean Rice Wine / Fresh Tofu and Kimchi. It's good to experiment in Korean traditional way. Kimchi making class, will learn from the master all about making your own delicious healthy fermented and it's good to eat! Kimchi is also famous for its cancer preventing effects. We're so happy can make and taste our first Kimchi.

Hanbok Korean Traditional Dress is a place I want to go during this tour. Loving the style, the bigger and heavier the wigs were, the more elegant they were! It's the best place to enjoy traditional cultural experience.

Korean Yido Pottery has been admired since the time of the Three kingdoms and is popular to this day. Located just north of the main Insadong area, are superb places for pottery shopping.

Samgyetang -- Korean Ginseng Chicken soup
There is a strong belief in Korea that the body's energy must be replenished during the hot months of summer. The healthy taste of nature, is a great motivator, good for rejuvenating tired bodies.

After Shopping for 2 hours long, returns to find our coach and visit Seoul's most famous attractions, we wrote message and locking down our love in Namsan park and tower. Love Locks at N-Seoul Tower, NamSan Tower in Korea.

We had a authentic Thai food, the best international dinner, fantastic meals, great service. since they had good ratings. We really enjoyed our night and this area is so romantic! We all cheers with a good wine! Pleasure of good taste. Mmmmmm....

Next Chapter Insadong Street Tour /신효섭 Chef Hyosup Shin's Ins Kitchen

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