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Thursday 3 November 2022

Egg White Crunchy Coffee Cookies Bun- Paparoti / RotiBoy Recipe (New Improved Method) Josephine's Recipes


I can't remember any happy moments while I've tested many times of this recipe until satisfaction and be happy now. I was injured because of an accident at work while experimenting in the kitchen, like some of you. Always, taking good self-care. live healthy, eat healthy food, get enough sleep, exercise like a fun homework and practice good hygiene. Getting outside or staying in the comfort home is a great way to improve mental and physical health.

I've tried my hardest to make the one of the best coffee bun I've ever had, finally this is what I wanted for crunchy coffee cookies on top and soft egg white buns with heavenly custard filling goodness. It has just the right amount of coffee to tease and wake your senses.  

Makes 4 
95g bread flour
1/2 tsp, 2g Allinson dried yeast
38g cold whole milk
10g granulated sugar
1 large, 38g egg white

1/2 tsp mild olive oil or skip it

15g granulated sugar
1/2 egg yolk 
15g salted butter 

15g granulated sugar
1/2 egg yolk
15g salted butter 

1 tsp instant coffee
1 tsp hot water

20g cake flour or premium plain flour
1/8 tsp baking powder

1)  In a large bowl, mix together 95g bread flour 1/2 tsp, 2g dried yeast, 38g cold whole milk,  10g granulated sugar. and 1 large, 38g egg whites. Stir it up until it's well combined.

2) Add 1/2 teaspoon mild olive oil and knead until it's fully incorporated.

3) Cover with a lid and allow to proof until doubled in size in a cool place or lower part of the fridge for 1 hour.  (Do not let the bread dough direct sunlight or proof above 38˚C).  

4) While waiting for the dough to rise, make the filling and topping.

5) In a small bowl, add (C) 15g granulated sugar, 1/2 egg yolk and 
15g salted butter. 
Using a hard spatula or spoon to stir until smooth.

6) In a small bowl, add (D) 15g granulated sugar + 1/2 egg yolks and 
15g salted butter, using a hard spatula or spoon to stir until smooth. Divide the filling in 4 and wrap with cling film and place in the freezer until ready to use.

7) (E) dissolve the instant coffee in hot water and pour into the mixture and add 1/8 tsp baking powder and 20g cake flour, stir until well combined.

8) Transfer the mixture in a piping bag and cut a small opening and set aside. Required at room temperature and easy to pipe once the dough is shaped.

9) Punch down the dough after its first rise. The large air bubbles are removed to help reduce the dough rise and many air pockets are formed inside.

10) Sprinkle flour on the worktop. Cut the dough into 4 even pieces. To shape into round balls and wrap with frozen filling this will ensure that they do not melt into the dough before baking.

11) Place them on a prepared pan and second proof for 30 minutes.

12) Spread the toppings and no preheating oven 180C bake for 5 minutes, reduce to 150C for another 10 minutes. Serve the coffee buns and enjoy with a cup of hot coffee or tea.


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