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Saturday 14 May 2022

獨家秘方 | 鹹蛋花生肉粽 完整教程 | Savoury Rice Dumplings with Salted Egg & Peanut - Bamboo Sticky Rice Zongzi Recipe


Savoury Rice Dumplings - Josephine Recipes

1kg glutinous rice, royal umbrella
5-6 large dried scallops
8-9 large king prawns
10 dried shitake mushroom
See video how to make Chinese BBQ roasted pork ribs or pork belly.
(About 450g-550g and add as you prefer).
600g unshelled monkey nuts or 400g blanched peanut, roasted
6-14 salted duck eggs, my zongzi recipe can makes 6 large or 14 medium in sized.
1 red onions or fried shallots instead
mild olive oil for frying or any vegetable oil

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