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Wednesday 29 May 2024

The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Paris πŸ˜πŸ“Le Train Bleu

Dining at 9/10
πŸ“Le Train Bleu 2 - Michelin Star restaurant
Location: Gare de Lyon, Pl. Louis Armand hall 1, 75012 Paris, France

The most stunning restaurant in Paris 🀩 Le train bleu is situated within Gare de Lyon in Paris πŸš‚. I have never seen such an exquisite interior in a dining establishment 😲 It felt like being in a museum πŸ–Ό I've been wanting to dine here for a long time, and it's definitely worth a visit, not just because of its appearance in the Mr. Bean holiday movie.

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Le Train Bleu is located inside Gare De Lyon in Paris and has two Michelin stars. It offers one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world and is a must-visit when in Paris. I had an amazing experience at this restaurant. We booked lunch in advance, and the restaurant itself was beautiful. Upon arriving early, we decided to take a walk the beauty entrance and were pleasantly surprised to hear the staff singing opera. My husband and I joined in for the fun and we enjoyed a lovely moment together.

Experience a beautiful moment by dressing elegantly and dining in enchanting restaurants that exude the ambiance of a majestic castle or the grandeur of a museum. Rest assured, the Le Train Bleu Michelin restaurant offers an English menu with a wide variety of options to choose from, including starters, fish dishes, vegetarian options, meats, salads and cheeses, desserts, as well as coffee, tea, beers, and wine.

The waiters are proficient in English, exhibiting great politeness and patience when responding to any inquisitive queries you may have. I have made the acquaintance of a delightful ladies who're exceptionally sweet.

As enthusiasts of beer, we are eager to try a sizable 50cl beverage - which is equivalent to 500ml - while exploring the city of Paris. The waiters at this establishment are all professionally trained, exhibiting their expertise in providing exceptional service. Beer options, Affligem €12 Heineken €11. You can enjoy a complimentary appetizer called - Amuses Bouches, without charge.

Complimentary amenities, including bread, cutlery, glasses, and serviettes, are commonly provided in restaurants throughout France. Furthermore, certain establishments offer appetizers at the commencement of the meal without additional charge. The roast leg of local lamb served from the carving trolley was delicious, as well as Michel Roastang's potato gratin dauphinois for 47 euros, Guinea Fowl Casserole for 39 euros, Alaska for 18 euros.

As a lover of good food, I was also very pleased with the quality of the dishes πŸ˜‹ The waiters even prepare them right in front of you πŸ”₯ what an amazing experience πŸ‘ The roasted lamb was surprisingly succulent and delectable, without a hint of dryness, while the sauce perfectly complemented its flavour. Additionally, the dish featured a delectable side of cheese and butter potatoes.
The Guinea Fowl Casserole exceeded all expectations, offering a succulent and delightful taste that struck a perfect balance between savoury and sweet. Reminiscent of homemade, freshly-cooked meals, this dish left a lasting impression that was impossible not to savour and enjoy. Additionally, the lamb dish featured a delectable side of cheese and butter potatoes.

We encountered a pleasant young couple near our left next table who entertained us with their attempts to guess my husband's age - they started at 30 years off and then kept guessing until they got it right. We are supporting each other with photography and taking turns capturing memories, and conversed like long-time friends, which was quite surprising considering I am not typically a very social person.

As the waiter served our table, I regretfully realized that I had missed the spectacle of Alaska in flames. Nonetheless, the dessert he presented to us was a delight - a refreshing combination of creamy vanilla ice cream topped with a tropical sauce and sprinkled with tart pomegranate seeds.

I am pleased to see my husband taking on the role of a helpful photographer, offering his assistance to capture memories during the first and second difference guests at nearby table. Additionally, his photographs skills have been well-received by them. In fact, one gentleman was so appreciative of the photographs my husband captured that he expressed a desire to revisit those cherished.

We ended up spending three hours there without feeling rushed; the service was excellent. The interior was stunning, food amazing, staff friendly and helpful - all worth every penny. I have compiled a guide to the most charming cafes in Paris, discover them all through my link in bio 😍 and as a food concierge, feel free to comment below for personalized restaurant recommendations in Paris.

πŸ“ŒSave this for when you visit Paris πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ“Le Train Bleu 🍴

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