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Saturday, 18 May 2019

The Best Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies - Easy No Fail Recipe 超浓郁,甜味适度,独一无二,黑巧克力曲奇饼干

These are absolutely the most amazing dark chocolate chip cookies ever! They are crisp and crunchy on the outside and inside, or yet soft and moist in the middle and delicious chocolate as you can adjust by the baking time, see recipe section 3. That's all I've got for you - The best dark chocolate chip cookies with my easy recipe, that will impress your family and friends. It's also perfect for everyday baking and occasions. Hurry up and make these now, you won't regret it!

Makes 20 (S), 12-15 (M), 7-8 (L)

• 18g, 1 tbsp salted butter, melted
• 18g, 1 tbsp brown sugar
• 1 egg yolk or 1/2 whisked egg
• 25g, 2 tbsp plain flour
• 1/4 tsp, baking soda
• a pinch of salt, 1/4 tsp
• 20g, 2 tbsp cocoa powder
• 50g-65g dark chocolate chips/chunks/chopped nuts (optional) 

1) Put melted butter,  brown sugar, egg yolk, plain flour, bicarbonate of soda and a pinch of salt into a bowl and mix it in with a wide spoon.

2) Add dark chocolate chips, chunks and mix well.

No need to chill the dough, but it's okay to chill in the fridge until ready to use. 

3) Use a spoon to make small scoops of the mixture and press into discs and spacing them well apart  on the baking tray and has been lined with baking parchment. This mixture should make about 20 (S), 12-15 (M), 7-8 (L) cookies, optional.

4) No preheated oven 130-150C, switch on up and down fan, middle rack. Bake for 8 minutes (S) and (M), (L) for 10-12 minutes until they are double in sized. Switch off the oven 0C and bake for another 5 minutes for extra crisp and crunchy. Skip it if you like soft and moist in the middle and crisp in the edges,.

5) Remove from the oven and let cool for a few minutes on the cookie sheet before moving to a cooling rack. Let cookies cool completely before storing them and transfer your cookies into an airtight container and keep the cookie container at room temperature.

Recipe Source: Josephine's Recipes

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