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Thursday, 29 September 2016

65°C TangZhong Recipe | Water Roux Starter 汤种做法 | Free from Artificial Preservatives In Bread Making

The water roux also known as a tangzhong is a method used in breadmaking to create soft and fluffy bread which was originated by the Japanese. It was popularised throughout south-east Asia in the 1990s by a Chinese baker called Yvonne Chen. who wrote a book called The 65° Bread Doctor. Using this method also allows bread to stay fresh for longer without needing to use artificial preservatives. In case you're wondering, I have tried and tested to use water roux starter on my bread recipes and I beg won't let you down.

For the Water-Roux:
• 5 tbsp (50g) bread flour
• 250ml (225g) cold water

1) Mix the water and bread flour together. bring to a boil over low to medium low heat, Whisking until thickened and completely smooth. Be careful not to burn. You will make about 220g-240g water-roux and two batches of 2lb loaf. Set aside to cool until ready to use or cover and refrigerate overnight.

Helpful Tips: You can just cut the water-roux starter recipe in half, if you are not ready to bake your next batch.

Recipe Source: JosephineRecipes.Co.Uk

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