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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Homemade Teddy Bear Pull-Apart Bread Buns | Rillakuma Nutella Bread Rolls | 小熊巧克力面包 | Cute Kawaai Bread「リラックマち - Josephine's Recipes 183

This is a recipe for our favourite homemade bread buns. They were so soft and filled with Nutella filling. That melts in your mouth with slightly sweetness, seductively smooth and luscious on the tongue. You'd be amazed how much fun and exciting you can have.

Makes 12

For the dough:
● 2 1/2 bread flour 
● 2 tbsp milk powder
● 2 tbsp cocoa powder
● 2 tbsp sugar
● 11/2  tsp dried yeast
● 1 cup cold milk
● 25g salted butter

For brushing the tops:
● 2 tbsp golden syrup
● 1 tbsp water

For the fillings:
● Nutella Ferrero Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa

For the drawings:
● 50g Chocolate Chips Dark
● 70g Chocolate Chips White

1) In a large bowl, Add (A) ingredients and mix together until well combined. 

2) Take the dough out of the bowl, add in soften butter and knead up to down, beat the dough by hand about 15 -30 minutes, until soft, springy and shiny.

3) Put the dough in a clean bowl and cover it with a wet tea towel and rise in the warm place for 1-2 hours until double or triple in sized. 

4) Transfer the dough to a worktop. Divide into 13 equal pieces. (51g for each) and shape each piece into a ball. Filled with Nutella filling. Take one piece of plain dough to make the bear ears and leave to rise again until doubled in size, about 35 minutes. (Ideal rise: Place two- bowls of (hot) water in the oven). 

5) Preheat the oven to 150C/300F. Bake for 35 minutes.

6) In a small bowl, add 2 tbsp golden syrup and 1 tbsp water and stir until well combined. Brush the bread all over with sugar water 5 minutes before it's done. Remove from the oven and let it cool.

7) Melting chocolate and use a hot water bath. Once the chocolate is melted, Spoon it into a pastry bag or piping bag. Snip a small hole in one corner and you have the perfect piping bag, then draw the eyes and nose with a melted dark and white chocolate or whatever you want.

Helpful Tips:
1) Higher temperatures may kill the yeast.
2) If your dough too tough and hard to knead, the problem you adding too much bread flour. If so, You must add warm milk or water to balance and rise again.
3) You can follow these old fashioned hand kneading method or using machine.
4) Bread dough will absorb or lose moisture at different conditions of temperature and humidity. 
5) Baking time depends on the size and shape of the bread being baked.
6) Brushing the crust with melted butter, milk, whisked egg, 
or sugar water on the bread surface as you desired.

Recipe Source: JosephineRecipes.Co.Uk

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