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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How To Make Apple Rose Tart | Rose Shaped Apple Baked Dessert 玫瑰花蘋果派 Josephine's Recipes 58

Apples are one of most popular fruits that are ready to be picked during the autumn season. so grab your loved one, friends or even children to the nearest  farm or your own garden & pick some Apples! Once you are done you can go home and back a nice apple pie or figure out how to make cider!

Learn How to make your own ''Mini Rose Apple Pie desserts''.
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October is British Apple day, A day we celebrate our wonderful native apples. One of my favourite healthy treat to snacks on are Apple, I guess that’s because the apple in it are fresh, so the taste’s so aroma! Apples on a large tree in my sister in law garden. I was visiting with Paul, Helen and Dad at my sister in law house, and I just saying WOW when I saw the apples tree in her backyard. Yeah! We pick some Apples! I like how it looks.

Today I’m going to show you, How To Make Apple Rose Tart. It’s the perfect treat for elevenses, afternoon tea.

Serve: 2 (Makes 4 pieces)
Tesco Puff pastry sheet:    ½ sheets
 Apple:                        3 small
 Brown Sugar:          3 tablespoon
 Cinnamon powder:  1/2 teaspoon
 Lemon juice:           1/2 tablespoon
 Toasted flaked almonds: 2 tablespoon
*( Plain flour )* See video

First, it is important to wash your apples
Use warm water to wash and rinse thoroughly
1) Slice the apple half and cut it in thin slices neatly and carefully
2) Melt the sugar, cinnamon and the sliced apples with lemon juice and toasted flaked almonds, in a fry pan over medium high heat. Stir to combine until slightly soft, Let them completely cool.
3) I often use bought puff pastry to make a yummy easy pie. Lay out a sheet of Tesco puff pastry,
Use a fork to poke the puff pastry sheet as many holes. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon powder and brown sugar.
4) Arrange the apple slices on the strip overlapping each other, Cut 2 inch wide and long strips from the pastry sheet. Start rolling the strips from one side to make a rose like a shape. Use a fork to make an elegant rope edge around the pie.
5) Grill it in pre-heated oven 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Helpful Tips:
1) Bake longer at a lower temperature. If not the problem is that the dough on the bottom of your crust is not reaching a high enough temperature by the time the top of your crust is done baking.

2) Eat very slowly so as to relish every bite.

3) Don’t eat the pie while it's too hot, they'd burn your mouth.

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