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Saturday, 13 June 2015

T- Bone | Rib Eye Steak | Corn on the cob | Coleslaw | Fries Chips | Mashed Potatoes | London Trip

Amazing Steak Restaurant - Great Food, Large Portions, Go hungry! It was my first visit to an Angus steakhouse even though I have been in London a few years. The place is quite good looking, and the food is quite good. We were pleasantly greeted on arrival By the beautiful hostesses in red. great food and lovely service. the total cost was not so high for London standard prices, well worth it. Can't wait to come back again.

T- Bone £25
T-Bone aged for 35 days and cooked on the bone to impart the rich flavor 
the T-bone is a hearty steak with fillet on one side of the bone and strip loin on the other.

Rib Eye Steak £20.75 
Cut from the rib section, the rib eye is the most tender and juicy of all the steaks. 
It has a rich smoky flavour and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most dedicated carnivore.

Chips £3.25 
Mashed Potatoes £2.95
Coleslaw £2.95

Corn on the cob £3.50

Visited June 2015

5 of 5 stars Value
4 of 5 stars Atmosphere
4 of 5 stars Service
4 of 5 stars Food


Angus Steakhouse, London
21 Coventry Street | Leicester Square, London W1D 7AE, England
+44(0) 207 420 6204

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