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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Homemade Dried Mandarin Peels 自製陳皮

Wait! Don't throw away those mandarin orange peels.
As a traditional seasoning in Chinese cooking and Traditional medicine.

My grandmother always makes a lot of dried mandarin orange peel when I was a little girl.

Today, I made this almost 3 years ago,
It brings me back to childhood and the smell always makes me feel good!

First, Add a pinch of salt to scrub and rinse the peel under running water.
Always dry with a clean cloth or kitchen paper before start to produce.

There is a good way for drying the peel on a radiator or
All you have to do is dry them somewhere under the sun for a few days.

Once the peel is completely dried. Store in an air tight container.
In a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight for at least a year.

Keep your homemade dried mandarin peels for over 7 years.

Longer you aged naturally, the strongest fragrance
and turn dark brown instead of its original bright orange colour.
It's good for making any type of soup and tea.

It is also much more expensive than lower quality.

They have a valuable medicinal herb.
The cost increases as the peels are aged and sold.

Helpful Tips:
It's important to wash the peel and pat dry
Scrape away any excess white pith from the peel

古人有說:"百年陳皮,千年人參! 陳皮是越久,越值錢。



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