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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Pickled Chilies Recipe 辣椒腌製方法 - Josephine's Recipes 72

辣椒是可增添平淡的菜餚,添加風味,回味無窮。A great way and perfect pickled  can be served and spice up any dish from any ethic cuisine, it will be more appetizing! Pickled in its natural color, but it's also pleasant to the eyes, crispy and crunchy bites!

chilies (sliced into pieces) 辣椒
½ cup sugar 半杯糖
½ cup malt vinegar 半杯醋
1 cup boiled water - cooled 1杯水 (煮滚,待涼)

1) Wash the chillies with 2 tbsp of salt, and rinse it with clean, running water. Make sure to clean off any dirt and no bacteria remains on the skins. dried thoroughly with a kitchen paper.
2) Slicing the chilies into circular discs. 
3) Add in green / red chilies, sugar, vinegar, and water. Place all the ingredients in a glass container and leave it in the fridge, let marinate overnight.

1) Pickled chillies were ready to eat the following day. You can store this in your fridge for a while, about 3 weeks.
2) Salt used to remove bitterness.
3) Wash the chillies at least three times.

Recipe Source: JosephineRecipes.Co.Uk

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