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Friday, 24 May 2013

Traditional Chinese Rice Pudding - Put chai ko 缽仔糕 Josephine's Recipes Episode 30

This Steamed traditional Chinese rice pudding Put chai ko is typically made of rice flour is delicious and healthy perfect to eat. Sometimes I like to dressed up with a little shredded coconut or red bean paste. I have a deeply passionate love for this traditional rice pudding. It's a lovely and easy to make.

40ml dark brown sugar
200ml hot water

Now, you get to measure out your hot water in 200ml and dissolve 40ml sugar into hot water.

40ml rice Flour 粘米 (2 tbsp)
20ml wheat flour 澄麵 (1tbsp)

Then, 40ml rice flour, and 20ml wheat flour.

Combine together in another bowl. Mix in ingredients A into the flour mixture and strain.
Pour this solution into the moulds/small bowls and steam with high heat about 20 minutes until cooked. Leave to cool. You can remove and coat with coconut before serving.

Helpful Tips:
Tapioca Starch 泰國生粉 can be substituted for Wheat Starch 澄麵.Use a skewer inserted into the centre of the rice cake, they must be comes out clean.

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